UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (Media Production) Final Major Project   -Weekly Planning Sheets Targets Met-(this needs to be linked to previous sheet and current aims) AIMS for THIS WEEK: (detailed and linked to blog and sketchbook) Do initial research/ Research resources Write proposal Research how to put Imessage on shot with After … More

INT.HOUSE.BEDROOM – AFTERNOON SHANNON A Young small dark haired 20 year old girl sits on the edge of her bed with her phone in her hand, she receives a text ALEX (TEXT) I’ll pick you up in an hour 🙂 x Shannon gives a faint smile and begins to write back SHANNON (TEXT) Okay, see … More

Initial Research

Initial Research I began to look at some videos that would help me come up with a short film idea that only includes one actor, i watched a few on BBC 3’s website and two of them stood out to me the most one called Scotch Bonnet which is about a young woman in a … More Initial Research

Project Proposal

Final Major Project Proposal Progress and Achievement Studying on the foundation course has provided me to improve a lot my skills including shot types, camera movements, analysing film and Especially, script writing as i did have difficulties in the past with scripting my ideas. I feel that I have also gained the advantage of experimenting … More Project Proposal