Production went quite well although I did hit a few bumps during the actual production, lighting was an issue as there was no room for a lighting kit, I had to work with the natural light which was a problem because in the first scene where the character is sitting on her bed there is a window right behind her, so I had to work with that and also if she moved to any other part of the room I would have to change the aperture every time which meant I had to stop recording and adjust it.

As you can see the window was right behind her which caused some difficulties

Other issues that day were mainly for my scenes especially in the scene where the main character meets her blind date, this scene proved quite difficult to record as i was my own crew i had to adjust the aperture and focus and it seemed that the two just didn’t want to work I think i have had checked it throughly i would’ve gotten the perfect shot but I didn’t

Shot out of focus (majorly)

As for everything else that i shot that day i am quite happy with, there was one scene in particular that i really was proud of, it is when the main character is sitting front of the mirror, i think it is perfectly shot i am also quite proud of my POV shot as it did take me a while to adjust everything to suit.

This shot i am very proud of as i like the way its framed and how she is in focus i also love how the light bounces off the mirror and also on her back
This is the POV shot i am also quite proud of as i had to adjust the aperture, the focus and the height of the tripod so it would fit with the actors height, although it is quite bright in the background i still like how its works and the i am in focus

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