In my Post production i had change many things and it made realise a few things that i could’ve done during production, I had make many cuts to most scenes because the actor always either said or did something after they had done a line but by cutting it did lose a lot of its continuity which created a lot of jump cuts, i wasn’t about this but i had to work with the jump cuts so the story would have some continuity and the audience could understand what was going on, as i mentioned in production there were a few lighting problems but there wasn’t much i could do about it. I added a sound effect of a doorbell as the actor doesn’t have a doorbell so i just added the sound effect and adjusted the volume so it would sound more realistic.


Structure of final edit
added door bell sound effect

After talking to Jo and Bronek about my edit they suggested a few things to me, like getting rid of some clips that weren’t necessary, adding music to the end scene as it was missing something and also adding a text message at the end as in the first scene it starts with a text and it would make more sense ending it with a text as well.

Added music and text message on end scene

Jo and Bronek also recommended that in my first scene i should have some sort of transition as the main character is imagining this scene and it didn’t work with having my scene just jump into it, so what i did is i extended the scene before it and over layed it with the my start of my scene so it automatically syncs in and works together

Overlayed clip before my scene



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