If I am being completely truthful i think the final product of my FMP could have been better but considering I did this project on my own and i don’t really consider myself to be a camera or sound operator i do at the same time think i did quite well. As being my own Camera and sound operator did help improve my skills a little, especially with framing and focus, i have a greater understanding of both of them but they do still need to be worked on.

So in respect to the whole FMP itself i do feel i could’ve done better but at the same time i did reach my targets that i wanted to reach, as from the start i wanted to create a short film, which didn’t end up being my originally idea but another idea that was a little less complex and one that i could handle doing myself.

I do feel I challenged myself a bit with things like creating characters which i do find easy enough, writing my own script which is a weak point of mine but as i always tend to have an idea i just struggle with writing it down but i think with a little help I did quite well with creating a script and using different element and techniques that i had learnt during the course, also working on something that was completely my own was a challenge in its self as i am used to being in a group where everybody just does one thing but i fell this taught me how to be more organised and responsible for what I was doing especially everything that concerned my pre production and planning.

As for the actual production itself some parts I am quite proud of and others not so much as i mention this was actually the first time I got to be a camera operator and not just that i had be my own camera operator which was quite daunting as i do consider myself to be more of an editor but i knew this would help further my camera operating skills which it did most the time unexpectedly as there were a few shots that i personally was quite impressed with, with things regarding the framing, the lighting, focus but there were other shots I’m not too proud of especially the ones involving my self as one shot i am completely out of focus but i do have to say i should have checked this before recording.

Other issues had on set was lighting, now as the location where i was filming was quite small i couldn’t use my light kit as there was no room for it, so i had t o work with the natural light, which if i am being honest was a pain, as where i was filming, there was a window right behind the character which proved sometimes very difficult as in certain bits of the room i had to play around with aperture which did affect recording, i think with using natural light if it works, it works very well if it doesn’t you just have to work around it. Other issues had was sound especially when i was filming outside and there was a lot of traffic also inside as the actor does have a lot of pets.

As for the talent I though personally she did very well considering she only learnt her script in 2 days, I thought she captured the character very well the only problem i had with my actor was that after every line or between two shots she would either say something or react to something which did effect my editing massively but all in all i think she did pretty well

In post production this is where my enthusiasm did drop after watching through the clips as mentioned before as the actor spoke either after a line or in between lines I had to cut and separate a lot clips and then put them in a timeline but this created a lot of awkward missed placed jump cuts so i n the end i decided to just work with the jump cuts so the story had some continuity to it and jump cuts weren’t as bad as they were, although I am not completely happy with the fact that I had to put in deliberate jump cuts it was the only way that i think the product would work without it looking too amateurish. Originally i would’ve liked it to have been about 5 mins long but it only ended up being around 4 minutes due to all the cuts i had to make.

A few things during post production were suggested to me as for example in the last scene where both the characters walk off it was suggested i add music and also as the short film starts with a text it should also end with a text just to add to that continuity aspect.

All in all i am happy as can be for what i accomplished in this project although do feel i could’ve done better but as time wasn’t exactly with me for this project I think i did pretty well considering most things i did on my own which i wasn’t 100 percent confident about but at the same time it did push me to have confidence in myself, to focus on myself and what i needed to learn and what skills i needed to improve in and it did help as i took note of everything that i could’ve done so i know in the future to do something in a certain way , although i do feel as it was a short film i couldn’t really express my creativity in a way that i would’ve liked but as i said time was against me and overall i do feel i have done pretty well considering those facts.


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