For planning my shoot considering I am my own camera operator and I feel i don’t have the best skills with such things as framing, i thought by improving this i would practice, I also practiced i bit with focus is this is another element that i needed to work on

As shown i practiced a lot with focus working with different depths of field and getting the framing right this did take me a while to figure out but in the end i succeeded

Paper work

As for other work i have a Scouting location form and information location form, giving the address and a vague idea of when i’d be filming, i also completed a risk assesment, assesing all the dangers, the only danger there really was, was that because the set was quite small it could be quite easy to catch or trip over something other than that there aren’t any dangers to be aware of.

The actor that i acquired, i made them sigh a consent and release form allowing me to use their image, I had them sign and date     it.



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