I corrected all the grammar mistakes in this Draft 


SHANNON A Young small dark haired 20 year old girl sits on the edge of her bed with her phone in her hand, she receives a text



I’ll pick you up in an hour 🙂 x

Shannon gives a faint smile and begins to write back


Okay, see you soon 🙂 x

Shannon puts her phone down on the bed and looks to camera


Okay. I’ve got about an hour to turn this…

Shannon points at self


Into someones dream date or thats what i can hope for….at least


Shannon walks up to the wardrobe and opens it, she grabs a skirt and a pair of jeans and sighs. she holds up the jeans and skirt




skirt or jeans. Jeans Shannon, jeans a skirt might be to provocative.. or would it? No, jeans are good.


Shannon looks to camera, while going in between the mirror and wardrobe deciding what top to wear



We met online about 2 weeks. You know how it goes, I liked their profile, thought they were pretty cute, so we started chatting, then it just took off from there

Shannon throws a top away into the wardrobe


Ugh! no no, i’ve got nothing to wear! Maybe I should just cancel,





SHANNON (cont’d) tell them something came up. no they’re going to think i’m a

catfish or something. No, Shannon you can do this! but what if they don’t like my outfit?


Front door opens to reveal a young 20 year old smiling and then their smile disappears as she looks up and down




(sarcastically)You can’t be serious? you’re not wearing that are you?


Shannon is still standing in front of her wardrobe with her eyes closed she then opens them looks down and shakes her head



Don’t be silly they wouldn’t be that mean, they seem pretty nice anyway, well I suppose anybody can be nice over a text…No I’m sure they’re just as nice in person.

Bugger it i’m just wearing this.

Shannon pulls out a plead top and a black vest, stands in front of the mirror and holds the outfit up against her body



I’m sure they’ll like it and anyways they haven’t told me what we’re doing so how am I supposed to know what to wear? Yes this will just have to do.


Shannon lays the clothes out on her bed then walks towards her mirror and sits on the floor, she leans over to her desk and grabs a big black bag



Right, time for makeup. I don’t know why I’m bothering the probably what notice the effort i’m putting in to look nice, like always..

Shannon applies her makeup





Hopefully all this effort will be worth it though, I told myself if this date goes wrong that’s it no more dating for a long long time..OMG what if I become one of those crazy people with loads of animals..No there’s like 7 billion people on this earth so there’s obviously going to be someone out there for me if this date doesn’t work out.


Shannon stops applying her makeup and looks wide eyed into the camera



Omg! what if they’re really weird, like what if they’re into weird or freaky stuff….Nah I haven’t really gotten that vibe I’m sure they’re pretty normal,

Shannon continues to apply her makeup


I mean they look normal.Plus it can’t be as bad as my last date. They took me to steak restaurant…. I’m a veggie and then they took me home invited themselves in and started flirting with my sister, I swear if Alex does that then I have officially lost all faith in humanity!.


Shannon finishes applying her make, she puts everything into her makeup bag and puts it back on the desk, she gets up and picks up her phone from the bed



Shit! they’ll be here in 15 minutes, I haven’t even done my hair yet!


Shannon stands in front of the mirror and messes with her hair



Bugger it! I’ll just wear it up, I don’t think they’re gonna care, they always wear a hat from what I’ve seen in there pictures anyway.




Shannon still standing in front of the mirror tying her hair up and messes about with her fringe. looks to camera



Is it sad nowadays people only usually meet online? I mean i’ve always pictured myself just meeting someone on the street like


Shannon steps back from mirror goes to bed, picks up her clothes, she opens her wardrobe door and begins to get changed



you know the cliche of walking into someone but I suppose it’s not my fault the way society works… At the end of the day I just want to be happy…I mean I know you don’t actually need anyone to make you happy.


Shannon finishes getting changed and close the wardrobe door and begins to check herself out in the mirror



I’m just tired of feeling lonely..


Shannon stares blankly into the mirror *DOOR BELL RINGS* Shannon quickly looks towards her bedroom door



That’ll be them

Shannon quickly grabs a pair of boots and puts them, she then walks towards the bedroom door and looks at camera



well wish me luck!

Shannon smiles and walks outside of bedroom, through the kitchen and towards the front door, before opening the door she takes a deep breath and opens it. revealing ALEX (can’t decide what they look like yet) smiling



Oh Hi!, thank god I thought I got the wrong house.Are you ready to go?


Shannon stands at the door she smiles and gives a faint laugh





No, you didn’t, yeah i’m already to

Alex smiles,Shannon then moves outside closing the front door behind her and they begin to walk down the front garden towards the pavement



You’re looking very nice, I love your jeans! you’re making me wish i’d put in a little more effort. I have to say I was a bit nervous about meeting you today….


Shannon and Alex walk down the street chatting.




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